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Male-hood To Manhood
C h a r a c t e r & L e a d e r s h i p D e v e l o p m e n t
Beaux Affair ‘Rites of Passage’ Program
David C. Floyd
Under the auspices of the Charleston Youth Leadership Council, Inc., the
Beaux Affair Program is now in its 26
year of fostering male leadership
through mentoring of male youth in the Charleston, SC and Tri-County
areas. In 26 years of existence, we are proud to have had over 400 Beaux
successfully complete our Program.
Kryston J. Miller
To assure the Program’s continuance and growth in producing high caliber
Vice President
Roy Galliard
young men, we are extending an opportunity to you to support our
Campaign 26 Fundraising Drive. Your donation of at least $26.00 – one
dollar for each year of the Program’s existence – will benefit Beau
Lamar Moorehead
Candidates who are now preparing for this year’s Rites of Passage Program.
It will not only help fund this most valuable male mentoring program, it will
Joe Wade
also invest into the lives of young men in our communities.
Parent Liaison
Our current goal is to raise a minimum of $3,000 by Labor Day, 2014.
Cal Morrison
To help us achieve our target, there are two ways to contribute to the
Council of Elders
Program’s Campaign 26.
You may contribute through PayPal on our
James Barr, Jr.
website ( ) or mail your contribution to: P. O. Box
31375, Charleston, SC, 29417-31375.
Kenneth Battle
Levey Berry
“If we don’t guide our young males today,
they will not be able to lead tomorrow!”
Robin Fletcher
Belle Coordinator
Please help us continue our efforts to guide and produce tomorrow’s great
Thelma Gaillard
Keith Jones, Sr.
Michael Miller
Camellia Seabrook
Francis Seabrook
Ervin Smalls
Orlando Sutton
Gregory Whittaker


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