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Tennessee Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Written Research Paper Score Sheet
1. Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Categories of Competition - Please check the major discipline area you believe is represented by this paper:
Environmental Science
Earth and Space Science
Engineering or Technology (projects that directly apply scientific principles to practical uses)
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences
Medicine and Health; Behavioral and Social Sciences
Mathematics and Computer Science
3. Scoring
Written Research Paper Criteria for Judging
# of Points
A. Quality of the research and experimentation as evidenced by: objective and reason
for performing the research; the clarity in stating the problem; identification of the
important variables; originality and ingenuity in the research design; or selection of
proper equipment for the research task; quantity and quality of data generated by
investigative procedures; recognition of the limitations in the accuracy and
significance of the results obtained; and the degree to which the data supported the
B. Evidence of the presenter's understanding of the scientific and technical principles
involved in the investigation.
C. Originality in the choice of and in the investigation of the topic and the duration of
the project and amount of work involved.
D. The quality of the written report as evidenced by the organization of the paper; the
definition of terms when necessary; and the use of acceptable terms and grammar.
E. The acknowledgment of major assistance. The student presenter must
acknowledge any direct assistance received. As researcher, the student is neither
required nor penalized by the judges for utilizing special advisors or equipment.
Examples of areas of assistance which should be acknowledged include: selection of
topic of research; planning and/or guiding the course of the research; gathering data,
and construction of apparatus.
Total Points Available
Total Points Awarded
Judges: Please note that the above criteria are the same as those used by the National Junior Science and
Humanities Symposium.
Important Note: The evaluation of the judges of the written papers will determine which will be presented as finalists in
the competition to the entire symposium. At the symposium, the judges will evaluate the presentations and combine
those scores with those of the papers to determine the winners of the competition.
Signature of Judge


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