Apa Style Running Headers In Microsoft Word Instructions For Mac


APA Style Running Headers in Microsoft Word
Instructions for Mac
*Microsoft Office for Mac version 15.15 (Year 2016)
Running heads are required in APA formatting. APA formatting does not include the author’s name on each page,
so the running head helps readers keep track of multiple pages of a paper. It is an abbreviated version of the
paper’s title that appears in the upper left-hand corner of each page in all uppercase letters.
1. From a new document, click on ‘Insert’ from the toolbar at the top of the document screen.
2. Click on the ‘Insert Header’ icon.
When the ‘Built-in Headers’ drop-down menu appears on the screen, select the first option.
3. Check the toolbar at the top to find the ‘Different First Page’ option. Click to put a check mark in the box next to
‘Different First Page.’ (See the image below in #5).
4. Type your running header. On this first page, remember to include the words ‘Running header:’ before you enter your
actual header in all capital letters. (See the image below in #5.)
5. Click on the ‘Page Number’ icon from the toolbar at the top. When the dialog box appears, make sure the settings are
‘Position: Top of Page,’ ‘Alignment: Right,’ and no check mark in the box ‘Show number on first page.’ Click ‘OK.’


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