Sample Event Planning Checklist Template


Event Planning Checklist
When planning a campus event:
The checklist below is to help you navigate the process. In an effort to help foster
communication among the many departments that will come together to help with your
event, as well as be sure that there are no schedule conflicts, we encourage all student
organizations to incorporate this checklist into their planning process. This checklist is for
planning purposes only. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student
Activities for assistance.
1. Event details:
Event Name:_____________________________________________________________
Event Date and Time:______________________________________________________
Do you need a rain date: _____Y _____N Rain Date:_____________________________
Selecting a Date and Time:
Check the Calendar of Events
the Academic Calendar ) for potential conflicts.
Specifically, Enrollment Open Houses, Homecoming, Parent/Family Weekend, Westover
Society, Commencement, exam weeks, fall, winter and spring break, Academic Awards,
Scholarship Competitions and New Student Orientations. Also search for religious holidays
and major sporting events on campus. It is College policy to not schedule additional events
during these times.
Event Location:___________________________________________________________
Do you need a rain location: _____Y _____N Rain location:________________________
Space Reservations
Please complete the room reservation form. Student organizations return to Deborah
Brown, Hundley Terrace (434)544-.8254.
Prior planning is required for all campus events:
1. Requests for rooms need to be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance if
catering is not being requested. If catering is needed, 3 weeks is required.
2. The further out the request, the more readily available the rooms and services will
be available. Ideally, planning should occur one semester in advance.
Person(s) responsible:______________________________________________________
2. Scheduling
Location has been reserved and confirmed.
NOTE: Submitting a room request does not mean that the room is available and
yours until confirmation is sent to you. Confirmation should be received within 5
business days of submitting request.
Appropriate AV/Sound equipment has been reserved.
Set up for your event has been discussed with appropriate person(s). This includes,
but is not limited to: your advisor, Deborah Brown, Jimmy Stamey.
3. Budget
Have you budgeted for everything that your event requires (sound, stage, lighting,
catering, security, etc.)
Has the check request been submitted through Deborah Brown to the Business
Office (This needs to be completed at least two weeks before the event).


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