Annual Professional Development Plan Template


Annual Professional Development Plan
A quality professional development plan will include measurable goals (short and long term) and activities to meet specific early care and education outcomes in relation to
increased knowledge and skill level.
Tip: New staff to complete within 90 days of employment
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Personal Information:
Date of Hire:_____________________________
Title/Position: _______________________________________________________________________________
Age(s)/ ______________________ Classroom(s): ___________________________________________________
Number of hours worked per week: _________________
Number of months worked per year: __________
ECE-TRIS Individual Record Form Attached
□ NO
Education Completed:
Certificates/Credentials Earned:
□ Some High School
□ High School Certificate of Eligibility (Exp. Date___________)
□ Commonwealth Child Care Credential (Exp. Date __________)
□ High School Diploma
□ CDA-Infant/Toddler (Exp. Date ______________________)
□ Associate Degree (Major: _________________)
□ CDA Preschool (Exp. Date __________________________)
□ Bachelor’s Degree (Major: _________________) □ CDA Family Child Care (Exp. Date ____________________)
□ Master’s Degree/Grad. (Major: _____________) □ Trainer’s Credential (Exp. Date ________________________)
□ Director’s Credential
□ I.E.C.E. Certification
□ Other (example: School Age Care Certificate)_____________________________________________________
Self-Reflection: My current strengths related to Early Care and Education/ Kentucky’s Core Content are…
Signature: ________________________________________
Date Plan Completed: ________________________


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