Wanted Poster Template


Wanted Poster
This activity may be used to describe an important character
from the story you are reading using terminology from the
wanted posters of the old west. Brainstorm or create a graphic
organizer to gather information for your poster: details (alias,
age, mug shot or photo, etc.), appearance (include distinguishing
marks or dress) and crimes against the community of
characters (victims) in the book.
Option: If you’re making a poster about a famous person
(biography), include information about their accomplishments
and pertinent personal history.
Use the wanted poster format in social studies, math and
science. Add labels to the picture or illustration, particularly in
Note to teacher: develop a scoring rubric before you assign this
as a student project. The pattern on the following page is just a
sample of how students may develop and organize their own
posters. Students can create colorful posters if they have
access to digital cameras and/or scanners. The internet has
some good examples of wanted poster lesson plans for content
area curriculum.


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