"Cold" Cover Letter - To A Potential Employer


“Cold” Cover Letter – To a Potential Employer
[Project Management]
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Name of potential employer
Company name
Dear Ms. / Mr.______________ ,
With this letter and resume I would like to offer myself for a position in sales or project management
that fully utilizes my professional and personal abilities.
Upon graduation from X University I have found that I enjoy, and I am successful in, positions involving
interaction with people. I prefer an opportunity offering growth and advancement based upon
individual merit and capability. My background reflects extensive successful experience within the X
industry and I would like to utilize that experience in a position that will also allow me to use my
communication, negotiation, and sales skills to secure new business and maintain existing customers.
I have the ability to establish and maintain effective communication and rapport with peers, clients, and
management. I have proven business knowledge, as well as customer service, sales, and expediting
abilities. In addition, I am efficient, organized, and detail oriented – and I believe in thorough follow-up.
My experience and education provide a solid base and broad understanding of business-related
operations and practices. I am keenly aware of the importance of completing assignments on time,
within budget, and to client’s total satisfaction.
I am interested in securing a position within your company where my abilities and qualifications can be
fully applied for our mutual benefit. I welcome an opportunity to meet you and elaborate on how I can
make a substantial contribution to your company’s profitability. I will call you in a few days to further
discuss my qualifications in detail.
Thank you!
Your Name


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