Sample Cover Letter To Businesses And Apartment Owners


Sample Cover Letter to Businesses and
Apartment Owners-Managers Receiving
Commercial Recycling Flyer
How to Use This Sample Letter
Local agencies may use this sample cover letter as a companion to the sample
commercial recycling flyer prepared by the Institute for
Local Government. The purpose of the flyer and letter is to
This sample letter
help local agencies educate businesses about state
contains updates to
requirements to recycle, and about any local requirements
the May 2011 sample
that may apply. The sample cover letter includes suggested
letter to reflect
changes in California
language and options that can be tailored to the individual
community. It also includes commentary for local officials
about key options or issues to consider as they adapt the
letter for their individual agencies. Finally, the sample cover
letter includes endnotes to provide more information for local officials they use it to
prepare their own letter.
The sample letter reflects state law that requires certain businesses, public agencies, and
apartment complexes (often referred to as multi-family communities by the California
Apartment Association) to recycle. The requirement is the result of enactment of AB 341
(Chesbro), which requires certain businesses and apartments to recycle beginning July
2012. (The commercial recycling requirements in state law may be found at Public
Resources Code §42649 and following.) CalRecycle’s regulations provide clarification
about what the law requires of businesses, apartment complexes, and cities and counties.
Information about the regulations is available at:
Who Should Receive the Letter and Recycling Flyer?
The sample cover letter and sample flyer are designed to giver to local businesses and
apartment owners/managers. Separate sample flyer templates are available for businesses
and for apartment owners. The apartment flyer also provides information for tenants.
The sample template flyers are available in both English and Spanish.
Local agencies may wish to use one cover letter for both businesses and apartment
owners/managers, or prepare separate letters for each.
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