Sample Pta Chair Introduction Letter


January 2015
Dear Parent/Carer
I would like to introduce myself as the new chair of St John’s Primary School PTA. I have three boys
Freddy (Y7 at Wallingford School), James (Y4) and Zac (Y2). We moved to Wallingford a little over a
year ago and I teach 4 days a week at St Birinus School in Didcot. I am very much looking forward to
chairing the PTA here at St John’s but I am very busy and need as much help and support as I can
I believe the role of the PTA is vital in supporting the school provide the best education and
opportunities possible for your children. These can be in many different guises such as organising
volunteers to help in school or in maintaining the school through events such as ‘Love Your School
Day’ as well as financially through fundraising activities which help fund trips and equipment the
school would otherwise be unable to afford.
We are all very busy and, as they say, many hands make light work, so this is a request for help with
the PTA. I would like to set up a few things to try and make life a little easier for everyone.
Firstly I would like to set up a system of PTA Class Representatives. If one or two volunteers could
step forward from each class for at least a year to help it would ensure better communication
between the PTA and parents. The role would include:
At least one rep to attend PTA committee meetings
Disseminating information about PTA events and sending out PTA reminders
Being a liaison between the PTA and Parents
Helping to gather volunteers from your class to help at various events
If you are interested in this but would like to know more I will be at school on Friday 23rd and
Tuesday 27
January in the KS2 Library at 2.50pm for a short meeting. Alternatively please email
. If you would like to be a class rep (or are one already and are
happy to remain in the role) please complete the form below and hand it to your class teacher by
Friday 30
I would like to be a PTA Class Representative for Year __________
Name of children and year group:___________________________________________________
Email address:______________________________________________________________
Contact Number:___________________________________________________________
Please return this to your class teacher ASAP.
This information will be used only to contact you regarding PTA and school information.


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