Retirement Letter Template


Retirement Letter Template
(Name of Manager)
(Phone Number)
(Recipient Name)
(Company Name)
Dear (Recipient Name),
I am pleased to inform you that your request for early retirement, effective
(dd/mm/yy) has been officially approved by (Company Name).
On the effective date of retirement, you will be provided with your final paycheck, all
accrued vacation pay, and the previously agreed upon early retirement bonus* (optional).
If you have any questions regarding the employee pension plan, your accrued retirement
savings through the company plan, or any other questions relating to your forthcoming
retirement, please contact (Name, Title) in the (Department Name).
We greatly appreciate the many contributions you have made to the company over the
years, and wish you health and happiness as you prepare for the new and exciting
experiences that lie ahead. If we can be of any help in your planning, please let us know.
To accept these terms, please submit a signed and dated copy of this letter to (Name,
Title) in (Department Name).
Acknowledgement and Agreement:
I, (Employee Name) agree to the terms and conditions specified in this letter.
Name (Please Print)
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document as is, or as a starting point for their own documents. assumes no responsibility for the
enforcement or effectiveness of its templates and policies. Always consult legal counsel before implementing any new
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