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Sample Cover Letter for Matt Smith
Matt is a twenty-two year marketing major, currently enrolled at a local community college and hoping to transfer to
UNC next fall. He has several years of experience in the food industry and is seeking a position at a new high-end
Jim Stout– Rock Inn Restaurant Owner & Manager
Rock Inn Restaurant
Dear Mr. Stout,
Thank you for this opportunity to submit my qualifications for the bartending and serving position
currently open at the new Rock Inn. I am passionate about providing exemplary customer service
and creating a positive dining experience. I could be an asset to your new establishment. Following
are a few of my key accomplishments as they may pertain to your current or future needs:
 In my current position, I have prepared and served a variety of alcoholic beverages in a
prompt and professional manner. My ability to work efficiently within high-volume
restaurants and provide excellent customer service is a unique skill.
 As a bartender and server in several restaurants, I collaborated with managers, hosts, and
other employees, to create positive dining experiences for all guests. I value treating each
customer/guest with enthusiasm and a determination to exceed their expectations. In my
recent position at Bonefish Grill, I successfully managed and served sections of 7+ tables.
 In my most recent position as a bartender at Bonefish Grill, I have had the opportunity to
expand my knowledge of the restaurant industry by attending and completing continuing
educational courses. Some of the courses pertain to the restaurant industry at large and entail
learning the art of managing. I believe that education is crucial to my growth as a person and
as a loyal employee.
I have enclosed my resume, which explains my background and qualifications in greater detail. I
would welcome the opportunity to introduce myself fully and to talk with you about how my
experience and qualifications might benefit your restaurant, either by phone or in person. Thank you
for your time and consideration.
Matt Smith


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