Sample Cover Letter/ Fax Cover/ E-Mail To Business Partner


Sample Cover Letter/ Fax Cover/ E-mail to Business Partner
Dear [name of contact]:
Thank you for your support. We have always appreciated the fact that [name of
company] has worked with the [name of your ROCP] as one of our business partners.
Without the support that you have offered us in many forms, our programs would not be
the success that they are today. The career opportunities that become possible for our
students are a direct result of the support that you have provided.
We are proud of the fact that these programs make our students more successful in
school, more excited about future careers, better prepared to enter the workforce, better
workers for their future employers, and better contributors - as citizens and taxpayers -
to our communities, state and country; we are also proud that we are able to do this
work with the support of business partners like you.
We need your support now, more than ever before. As part of the state budget the
Governor has proposed, and the Legislature is considering, is the elimination of
statewide programs and funding in the area of career technical education; this would
include the elimination of funding dedicated to regional occupation centers and
programs such as our own, and the implementation of a new discretionary funding
allocation formula. We know that you value our programs as much as we value your
support, so we are asking that you contact our local representatives listed below, key
committee chairs and adding a cc for the other committee members, the Governor, and
as many members of the Legislature as possible to voice your opposition to the
Governor’s proposal to eliminate career technical education programs by consolidating
their funding into this new funding allocation. If we fail to make our opposition known
now, we may never have a chance to save our program in the future. We have also
included a sample letter to legislators that you may find helpful.
As always, thank you for your continued support of our students and our programs. We
have included a number of attachments to help you in this work.
[Signature Block]
[list your local legislators]
[attach Key Legislators sheet]
[attach list of Senate Members’ and list of Assembly Members’ contact information]
[attach Sample Letter from Business Partner to Governor/Legislator]


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