Housekeeper Job Description


Southwest   P roperties   i s   c urrently   s eeking   a n   o utstanding   i ndividual   t o   f ill   t he   t emporary,  
full   t ime   p osition   o f   H ousekeeper.   ( Contract   p osition/40   h ours   p er   w eek).      
The   Housekeeper   is   responsible   for   performing   a   combination   of   specialized   cleaning  
duties   in   order   to   maintain   high   standards   of   presentation   and   cleanliness   for   the  
condominiums   a nd   p roperty   a t   B ishop’s   L anding.    
As   the   successful   candidate,   you   have   the   ability   to   perform   with   tact   and  
professionalism  in  a  fast-­‐paced,  ever  changing  environment,  high  level  of  integrity  and  
dependability,   e xceptional   c ustomer   s ervice   a nd   i nterpersonal   s kills.  
The   ideal   candidate   possesses   previous   experience   in   a   housekeeping   or   customer  
service   r ole.      
Hours   of   work   are   9:30am-­‐6:00pm   Monday   to   Friday   with   the   occasional   Saturday   or  
Sunday   s hift   d epending   o n   b usiness   l evels.    
If   you   are   interested   in   this   opportunity   and   in   working   for   one   of   Canada’s   Best  
Managed   Companies,   please   forward   your   resume   and   cover   letter   by   April   28
Jody   Sampson:   Southwest   Properties   Limited,   1475   Lower   Water   Street,   Suite   100  
Halifax   N S,   B 3J   3 Z2.     E mail:   j  
Ranked   a s   o ne   o f   t he   T op   1 01   c ompanies   a nd   B est   P laces   t o   W ork   i n   A tlantic   C anada,   S outhwest  
has   developed,   constructed,   owned   and   operated   world   class   properties   for   over   50   years.   A  
leading   developer   of   residential   property   and   one   of   the   largest   privately-­‐held   owner   of   multi-­‐
family   residential   buildings   in   the   Halifax   region,   Southwest’s   brand   of   quality   and   community  
involvement  has  spread  beyond  Nova  Scotia  to  New  Brunswick  and  Newfoundland.    Southwest  
believes   in   going   beyond   the   necessary   to   create   inspiring   environments   by   providing   the   best  
places   t o   l ive,   s hop,   w ork   a nd   p lay,   c reating   l asting   r elationships   w ith   e mployees,   c ustomers   a nd  


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