Independent Contractor Agreement


_____________________ (“Contractor”), with an address of _________________________________
and ______________________ (the “Company”) to set forth the terms and agreement pursuant to which
the Contractor will provide assistance and services to the Company.
Background and services provided: The Company is a ___________________ business that
services ___________________ throughout Lancaster County, York County, Dauphin County, and Berks
County, Pennsylvania and throughout central Pennsylvania.
Independent Contractor possesses the
necessary skills and qualifications together with the required tools and transportation to perform the
services which the Company currently provides. Independent Contractor is not subject to any other
agreement, contract or restrictive covenant that would prohibit it from performing services for the
Term: This Agreement shall continue so long as the Company provides Work to the Independent
Contractor and the Independent Contractor accepts and performs Work for the Company. However, at no
time shall the Company be required to provide Independent Contractor with Work and at no time shall
Independent Contractor be required to accept Work from the Company. During the course of Independent
Contractor’s performance of any Work for the Company, either party may immediately terminate this
Agreement by providing written notice to the other party. Upon the termination of this Agreement, the
Independent Contractor shall cease performing any and all Work for the Company. The Company shall
not pay the Independent Contractor for Work not performed.
General Performance – All Work of the Independent Contractor will be performed in a prompt,
thorough and workmanlike manner, in accordance with the plans and specifications for each job and must
comply with relevant Scopes of Work, all Federal and State laws, codes and regulations and all county
and/or municipal ordinance and regulations effective where the Work is to be performed under this
Agreement. All permits, fees, taxes and expenses connected with such compliance are to be paid by the
Independent Contractor. In cases where work is not completed correctly, Independent Contractor will
promptly take whatever corrective action is necessary to remedy specific deficiencies as determined by
the Company.
Independent Contractor shall control the time, manner and means of the Work that it provides to the
clients and clientele of the Company. The specific services provided are left to the professional judgment
of the Independent Contractor. In addition, the Independent Contractor shall provide any and all
equipment and tools necessary to perform the above services.
Independent Contractor – The Company and the Independent Contractor agree that the
Independent Contractor is being hired solely as an Independent Contractor and that neither the
Independent Contractor, nor its employees (if it has employees) shall be deemed to be employees of the
Company. Similarly, neither the Company nor its employees shall be deemed to be employees of the
Independent Contractor. Independent Contractor shall have the flexibility, retains the right and is
encouraged to work for other individuals, customers, or related construction companies. The Companies
shall have the flexibility and retains the right to provide Work to other independent contractors and
nothing in this Agreement shall obligate the Company to provide Work to the Independent Contractor.
Nothing in this Agreement is intended or shall be deemed to create a partnership or joint venture between
the parties and neither party shall have the authority to act as the other’s agent or commit or bind the
other. In no event shall any provision contained in this Agreement be construed or deemed to confer any
rights on any other person or entity as a third-party beneficiary or otherwise.


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