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Oct 2016
NACCAS Memo to File Template
Team Visit
Name of School ________________________________________________________
Reference Number
Visit Type
Anniversary Date
Last Workshop Attended
Application Received
ISS Received
Date of Visit
Standards Used
On-site Administrator(s)
School Address
Is there an expanded campus facility? ___Yes ___ No
If yes, where is it located and has NACCAS approved it?
(Provide details here)
Was the most recent Annual Report verified as accurate? ___Yes ___ No
If no - what Limitations were cited?
Do the rates meet the Commission thresholds? ___ Yes ___ No
If no - what limitations were cited?
Expiration of PPA
Expiration of School License
Number of Students Interviewed
Number of Instructors Interviewed
Number of files reviewed
Current ____________ out of _______________
Graduate ___________ out of _______________
Dropped ___________ out of _______________
Does the institutional name, programs, and school ownership match between CRM, the
Application, the License, the PPA, and the ECAR? ___ Yes ___ No
List Any Approved Alternate Name(s):
 List up to 2 Alternate names________________________________
Limitations Received (Standard & Criteria and brief description):
 List each Limitation here with brief description (e.g. Standard II, Criterion 7 –
Continuing Education)


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