Hst 498 Senior Thesis Contract Form


HST 498 Senior Thesis Contract
Name: _____________________________
Semester: ______________
Advisor Name: ______________________
Senior Thesis Parameters:
The senior thesis is a substantial, original research project that is the foundation for a graduate
school writing sample or similar career endeavor.
1. Thesis: Students will identify a historical problem and offer an argument/thesis that
addresses that problem. The thesis should contain an original interpretation of the topic.
2. Sources: Substantial research using primary and secondary sources as appropriate to the
3. Historical Context: Topic is discussed in its proper historical context
4. Historiography: Students will situate their interpretations into the proper historiographical
5. Timeline: Students will work out with their advisor a timeline for advisor meetings, an
annotated bibliography, an outline, several drafts, and a final due date and submit this
form to the History Department. Students are expected to meet regularly with the thesis
advisor over the course of the term.
6. Documentation: Proper citations and bibliography in Chicago Manual of Style format.
7. Advisor: Students are expected to work closely with a faculty advisor. Faculty sign off
must be present before one can be granted a registration permit for the course.
8. Page length: 20+ pages, exclusive of citations, illustrations, figures and bibliography.
Working Project Title: __________________________________________
Meeting frequency: _____________________________________________
Annotated Bibliography Due: ____________________________________
Project Outline Due: ____________________________________________
Draft(s) Due: __________________________________________________
Final Project Due: ______________________________________________
Student Signature:___________________________ Date:___________
Faculty Signature:___________________________ Date:___________


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