Telefile Tax Record And Instructions - Income Tax Return - Georgia Department Of Revenue - 2001


Georgia Department of Revenue
2001 TeleFile
Tax Record and Instructions
Replaces your Georgia Form 500 or 500EZ
File your Federal and
Georgia tax returns
—at the same time—
using the TeleFile toll-free
number in your Federal
TeleFile tax package from
the IRS.
Just follow these
Step 1—
Complete the top portion
of your Federal TeleFile
Tax Record contained in
the Federal TeleFile Tax
Package you receive
You can TeleFile if you...
from the IRS.
√ √ √ √ √ Are a single or married filing joint taxpayer with no
Step 2—
√ √ √ √ √ Earn total income of less than $57,450 if single or
Complete the
$63,400 if married filing jointly
Georgia TeleFile
√ √ √ √ √ Are eligible to file your Federal Return by TeleFile
Tax Record.
(On page 5 of
this package.)
The IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue have developed
a filing program that allows you to TeleFile your
Step 3—
Georgia IncomeTax Return at the same time you TeleFile
your Federal Income Tax Return.
Call IRS TeleFile . . . toll-
free, 24 hours a day.
This Georgia Income Tax return 2001 packet is mailed to you
(The telephone number is in
based on the type of return you filed for 2000.
your Federal TeleFile tax
Read the instructions carefully to make sure you have the
correct form. If you cannot TeleFile, see page 3 or contact
Step 4—
the Georgia Department of Revenue for forms and
Keep your Federal and
assistance or visit our website at
Georgia TeleFile Tax
Records for your
It's quick, It's easy, It's convenient.
(Do not mail in tax records to
Plus, it saves money, while speeding up your refund!
the IRS or to Georgia.)


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