Cris And Nc Grants Access Authorization Form - The North Carolina Office Of State Budget And Management


CRIS and NC Grants Access Authorization Form
The new Grant Management System requires a User ID and Password for access in the system.
Complete the following form and return it via email to
First Name: _______________________________ Last Name: ______________________________
Agency: ___________________________________________________________________________
Title: _____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _______________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________________
User ID (for current DOT Grant System Users): ___________________________________
(If you are a current user of the DOT Grant System, please enter your User ID above. You do not need
to enter a Secure 8-digit number below.)
Secure 8-digit number: __________________________
(If you forget your password, you will need this 8-digit number to retrieve your information so please
select a number you will remember. Do not enter your birthday as the 8-digit number.)
Once you complete and submit this form, you will be emailed your personal User ID and temporary
password to access the system. You must create a new password prior to logging into the Grants
Management System for the first time.
This is a role based authorization system. Please select just one of the appropriate roles listed below.
Create and Maintain CRIS Programs (includes the Federal Grants Registry)
Create and Maintain NC Grants Awards
Both (Create and Maintain NC Grants and CRIS Programs (includes the Federal Grants Registry))
OSBM Administrator
Note: Select one role only.
OSBM Use Only
Agency ID Number: ___________
Print Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________________________________________
Date (mm/dd/yyyy): _________________________________________________________________


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