Management Information System (Mis) - Wisconsin Department Of Health Services - 2018


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This section, Management Information System (MIS), involves the planning, documentation, security/confidentiality and
production of the necessary reports relating to program operations through the utilization of automated data processing
services at the State and local level.
A. System Planning and Operation – 246.4(a)(12): Describe the procedures for planning, approving and monitoring
Automated Data Processing (ADP) goods and services, and any interaction with other statewide ADP operations which
may take place, including system costs for services and security.
B. Participant Characteristics Minimum Data Set (MDS) – 246.4(a)(11)(i): All State agencies currently collect all
required Minimum Data Set items. Please confirm that your State agency will continue to do so. For the Supplemental
Data Set (SDS), which varies by the capacity of State systems, please describe the data items which are reported
electronically regarding participant characteristics and whether these items are currently being collected or if there are
plans to collect them in the future.
C. WIC Systems Functional Requirements Checklist – 246.4(a)(8); (9); (11); (12); (13); (14); (15); and (18): Describe
those functions which are currently incorporated into the MIS or which are planned to be incorporated in the future.
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