Public Swimming Pool Hydraulic Analysis Worksheet - Georgia Department Of Public Health


Georgia Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Section
Public Swimming Pools, Spas and Recreational Waterparks Program
Public Swimming Pool Hydraulic Analysis Worksheet
Pool Name_______________________________________________ Date ________________
Pool Address___________________________________________________________________
Shape_____________ Perimeter ft._______________ Width__________
Length____________ Min. Depth _______________ Break_________
Max. __________
Slope = 1 ft. in_____ft. Area = _________ Sq. ft. Volume = _________ gallons
Gunite _________ Poured _________ Other___________ Pipe Mat’l_______________
Outdoor, Indoor or Both
Design Flow Rate = Pool Volume
) Gal. =
Turnover time *1
) Min.
Check minimum skimmer flow rate. If turnover rate is inadequate for minimum skimmer operation (as per
manufacturer or rule (25 gpm) then design flow rate must be increased to provide minimum skimmer flow rate.
I. Number of Skimmers Required:
Quantity = no. of skimmers required from Swimming Pool Rules.
Surface Area of Pool _________ sq. ft.
No. of skimmers required_____________
No. of skimmers provided ____________.
II. Skimmer Flow Rate:
A.) Skimmer flow rate = 100% of Design flow rate = _________gpm.
B.) Flow through each Skimmer = skimmer flow rate (above) = (
gpm) = ______ gpm
for each skimmer
no. of skimmers provided*2
C.) Select equalizer line cover(s) with a flow in gpm equal to the maximum pump flow divided by
the # of skimmers.
III. Number of Inlets Required:
No. of inlets = perimeter = (___________) = __________ (Use next
whole number)
*1 For pool use minimum 6 hr. turnover (360 min.) or product of 1.5 x average water depth, whichever is
less. For special purpose pools and others listed use turnover rate in Rule .07.
*2 Must be 25 – 55 gpm or based on manufacturer specifications.
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