Software Project Management Brochure Template


Software Project Management
Vladan Devedzic
FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
In order to organize and manage a software development project successfully,
one must combine specific knowledge, skills, efforts, experience, capabilities,
and even intuition. They are all necessary in order to be able answer questions
such as: What artifacts to manage and control during software development?
How to organize the development team? What are the indicators and measures
of the product's quality? How to employ a certain set of development practices?
How to transition a software development organization to a new modeling
and/or development paradigm? How to create and maintain a good relationship
with the customers and end-users? What remedial actions to take when
something goes wrong in the course of the project? What are the heuristics that
can help managers in conducting the software development process?
The manager of a software development project should answer the above
questions in the context of the project itself. However, there is a vast amount of
knowledge the manager should possess that transcends the boundaries of any
specific project.
The purpose of this chapter is to provide an extended overview of many
important issues around which such knowledge should be structured. The
introductory section merely introduces the issues and the context within which
the other sections discuss them. Each of the remaining sections covers one of the
issues in more detail. The idea has been to provide a balanced coverage of the
issues from both the manager's and the developer's perspectives.
Keywords. Software development process, management practices, metrics,
organizational aspects, standards.
Software development is a complex process involving such activities as domain
analysis, requirements specification, communication with the customers and
end-users, designing and producing different artifacts, adopting new paradigms
and technologies, evaluating and testing software products, installing and


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