Community Use Business Plan For School - Template


Community Use Business Plan for XXXX School
This template provides some suggestions for what to include in a Community Use Business Plan – it is mainly aimed at schools that are managing
community use themselves. However, if you are working with a third party it may be useful to review and discuss each section with your partner.
The content includes some real life examples from schools which are written in italics – these just provide some ideas to help you shape your own business
If you are applying for external funding for a project then your business plan is likely to require additional detail regarding how you will deliver against the
funding criteria, so you will need to check with the funding provider. For example Sport England’s
Inspired facilities
grants require the applicant to complete
a template
sports development plan
as part of the application.
Business Plan
Recommended Content
The dates the business plan is active for and any review dates
This is a 3 year Business Plan for XXXX School which will be implemented from September 2015 until August 2017. Progress will be
reported to the Head teacher and Governors on a termly basis with a full review taking place annually.
About Your
A brief profile of your school including size, student profile, type of school and the local community it serves.
XXX School is an Academy Converter, for 1250 11-19 year olds
It is situated in XXXXX, an urban and very ethnically diverse area with over 20 home languages spoken at the school. The school site is in
an area of real deprivation mainly consisting of social and private housing estates and many of the school’s students come from more
disadvantaged backgrounds - over 70% are eligible for free school meals. Exam results, have risen steadily over the past ten years, and
the school was judged by Ofsted in 2011 to be ‘good with outstanding features’.
Your Vision
Include a statement about your overall school vision / ethos and how your community use programme will contribute to this over the
next 3 years. Do you have any key outcomes you would like your community programmes to achieve that will benefit your students,
staff, parents etc.?
Some Examples:
XXX Academy has a strong commitment to working with and supporting the community it serves and we see ourselves as an important


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