Financial Planning Worksheet - My New Money Goal


Financial Planning Worksheet
My new Money goal
Sometimes we set new goals, have
You wouldn’t start a road trip without mapping
it out first, and the same is true with your
changes in income, or switch priorities
finances. This guide will help you gain a clear
view of where your money goes now so you
in our lives. Making a plan is the easiest
can more easily decide where you want it to
way to navigate these changes.
go in the future.
These are
goals as of
Your name
mm / dd / YYYY
What is my new money goal?
Keep this in a visible place, like on your
I want
refrigerator or near your desk to remind
you of your new money goal!
Goal amount
mm / dd / YYYY
because I want to save for
WhAT ARE yOu SAvIng fOR?
What am I saving now?
List your savings goals in the spaces below. Include some
you’ll need to reach your goals. After completing the
money for retirement and rainy days. Try to give each
income, savings, and expenses sections on the pages
goal a dollar amount and set a target for when you’d like
that follow, write down how much you plan to commit
to reach each goal. Then write down the monthly amount
this month.
This month’s
Total needed
Months to goal
Monthly amount
Emergency savings
My new goal


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