Financial Planning Worksheet - My New Money Goal Page 2


My New MoNey Goal
What are my sources of income?
List your sources of income. Include wages, salary, tips,
under month 2, list the income you expect for this
government benefits, investment income, etc. List your
month. Enter any difference between the two. At the end
actual take-home pay for last month in the month 1
of this month (month 2), write down your actual income
and compare it to the amount you expected.
Month 1
Month 2
What are my expenses?
List your expenses by category in
here is a list of sample expenses to
§ Transportation fuel, parking,
the expense column in the table
help get you started. Create your
tolls, public transportation,
on right. Continue your list on
own categories as needed.
maintenance, car insurance.
additional sheets of paper if more
§ Health doctor visits, dentist,
§ Home mortgage, rent, utilities,
space is needed.
medications, insurance, personal
telephone, maintenance.
care items, gym memberships.
§ Debt credit cards, loans.
§ Entertainment movies, events,
§ Food groceries, restaurants,
books, subscriptions, music, and
take-out, coffee, snacks.
movie or game rentals.
§ Family day care, child support
§ Miscellaneous charity or tithes,
payments, alimony payments,
gifts, pet food and supplies.
tuition, school supplies, activities,
clothing, laundry and dry
cleaning, allowances, toys.


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