Form Tt-8 - Virginia Tobacco Products Tax Return And Instructions


Form TT-8 Virginia Tobacco Products Tax Return And Instructions
• You must register for Tobacco Products before using the form below. Other Tobacco
Products (“OTP”) distributors making taxable purchases of roll-your-own (RYO)
tobacco, and who are not currently registered as a cigarette stamping agent, are
required to apply for a dual registration permit as both an OTP distributor and a
cigarette stamping agent.
• To register, complete Form R-1, Business Registration Application, which is also
available on our Web-site:
• Attached are instructions and a tax return for you to use to remit your Tobacco Products
Tax, commonly referred to as the Other Tobacco Products Tax or “OTP” tax.
• Please complete the return, detach it at the dotted line, and mail it with your payment
to the address shown above. Do not send the entire page.
• You are required to file a return with the Virginia Department of Taxation even if no
tax is due.
• Mail Completed Return to: Virginia Department Of Taxation
Other Tobacco Products
PO Box 26626
Richmond Va 23261-6626
For assistance, please call us at (804) 371-0730 or write the Virginia Department of
Taxation, P.O. Box 715, Richmond, VA 23218-0715. You can obtain most Virginia tax
forms from our Web-site: or by calling the Department’s Forms
Request Unit at (804) 440-2541.
Detach at dotted line below. DO NOT SEND ENTIRE PAGE
Form TT-8
Virginia Tobacco Products Tax Return (OTP)
Do NOT Staple.
For assistance call: (804) 371-0730
Doc ID 228
1 Cigars
Due Date
2 Pipe Tobacco
3 Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Tobacco
0000000000000000 2288888 000000
4 Smokeless Tobacco
5 Adjustments
(Enter negative numbers in brackets.)
Account Number
6 Subtotal (Add Lines 1 through 5)
7 Tax - 10% (Line 6 X .10)
7a Reserved for Future Use
7b Reserved for Future Use
8 Penalty
9 Interest
I declare that this return has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief
10 Total Due
is true, correct and complete.
(Add Lines 7b through 9)
Phone Number
Va. Dept. of Taxation
(REV 5/10)
Do not write in the
space at right.


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