Independent Contractor Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT, made this _____ day of _________________, 20____ by and
between Community Choice Realty, Inc. hereinafter referred to as BROKER,
and ________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as
WHEREAS, Broker is engaged in business as a Real Estate Broker in the city of
Birmingham, County of Oakland, Michigan, and is duly licensed to sell, offer for sale,
buy, offer to buy, list or solicit prospective purchasers, negotiate the purchase, sale or
exchange of real estate, lease or offer to lease of commercial or residential real estate
property, and negotiate the sale, purchase or exchange of leases, rent or place for rent, or
to collect rent from real estate or improvements thereon for another or others, has and
does enjoy the good will of, and a reputation for fair dealing with the public, and
WHEREAS, Broker maintains an office in said City and County, properly equipped with
furnishings and other equipment necessary and incidental to the proper operation of said
business, and
WHEREAS, Salesperson is now and has been engaged in business as a real estate
salesperson of a broker, duly licensed by the state of Michigan, and has enjoyed and does
enjoy a good reputation for fair and honest dealing with the public as such, and
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual agreements herein
contained, it is understood and agreed as follows:
_____ 1. It is agreed that the Salesperson’s principal place of operation shall be either
home office, or their independent office location.
_____ 2. The Salesperson realizes that the facilities of the Main Office in Birmingham
will be available.
_____ 3. The Salesperson agrees to read and be governed by the Code of Ethics of the
National Association of Realtors, the real estate law of the State of Michigan, and the by-
laws of the local real estate board, including any future modifications or additions thereto
Salesperson agrees to obtain and make themselves knowledgeable of said Code of Ethics,
plus state & local laws and by-laws.
_____ 4. The Salesperson agrees to work diligently and with his or her best efforts to sell,
lease or rent any and all real estate listed with the Broker, to solicit additional listings and
customers of the Broker, and otherwise promote the business of serving the public in real
estate transactions to the end that each of the parties hereto may derive the greatest profit


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