Method Of Verification Sample Letter Template


Method   o f   V erification   S ample   L etter:  
Your Name
Your Social Security Number
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Complaint Department
Name of Credit Bureau
City, State, Zip Code
Re: Request to provide Method of Verification
Dear Sir or Madam:
On [Insert Original Date of Dispute], I requested an investigation of
items on my report that were not reported legally, and on [Insert Date
of Response], I received a letter stating that your investigation was
Please explain to me how you conducted your
1. Please explain what your representatives uncovered to lead
them to believe that you are reporting this item as it legally
should be reported?
2. What certified documents were reviewed to conclude your
3. Please provide a complete copy of all of the information that
was transmitted to the furnisher of data as part of the
4. What did it cost your company to obtain the documents
needed to complete your investigation?
5. Please provide proof of your timely procurement of certified
6.Did you speak directly to any agent of the company that was
reporting the information to confirm the accuracy of what you
are reporting?
7.If yes to number 6 above:
a. Who did you speak to?


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