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NAME OF THE GUEST : Mr. Balraj Singh
INTERVIEWER : I am Akash, your host for today’s show and with me is
none other than, Mr. Balraj Singh, a great personality who has taken the
responsibility to protect animals.
Welcome Sir, please tell us something about your animal home.
Mr. Balraj : Thank you Akash and hello to our viewers. My animal home,
called ‘Suraksha’, is located outside this city and there are many different
kinds of animals and birds in it.
INTERVIEWER: Which type of animals do you keep there?
Mr. Balraj : There are basically stray animals overthere. It includes cows,
buffaloes, dogs, birds etc.
INTERVIEWER: How many animals are there?
Mr. Balraj : 500
INTERVIEWER: how are they taken care of?
Mr. Balraj : We look after their hygiene, food, medical care regularly.
People can even adopt them if they want to. The money thus earned is
utilized in the running the animal house.
INTERVIEWER: That’s really great Mr. Balraj. You are doing a noble job.
We really wish you and your team all the very best.
Mr. Balraj : Thank you
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