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Sample Closing Letter 2
Dear _________________:
This letter is to confirm that my representation of you in the above referenced matter has concluded now that
[the matter has been resolved/judgment has been entered/settlement finalized/transaction completed, etc].
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you. It has been a
pleasure and I hope you will allow me the privilege of representing you again in the future, should the need
ever arise.
In the meantime, I have enclosed your original documents as I no longer need to keep them and I thought you
would want them for your records. It is my practice to destroy files [number of] years after I close them. If you
would like me to return your file to you [number of] years from now instead of destroying it, please send me
a note to that effect within the next thirty days so that we can segregate your file from all my other files and
accommodate your request. You will need to be responsible for keeping me informed as to how to reach you
should your contact information ever change.
[Insert here any follow-up required of the client. For example, if you have incorporated a new business, here is
where you would clarify who will do what in the future, relative to state regulatory and local, state and federal
tax filings. Another example would be in estate planning where you should remind clients that they should
bring the plan back to you or to another attorney every three years or so to make sure it still comports with
their wishes and the then current estate tax laws].
Best regards,


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