Stud Service Contract - River Retrievers Page 2


a. The bitch owner will pay $200.00 of the Stud Fee that is non-refundable as
well as present Stud Owner with, the AKC certification form, Application for
Using Fresh Extended Semen, filled in and signed by the bitch owner.
D. Required from Bitch Owner prior to breeding
1. Photocopy of your bitch’s registration papers.
a. Also the Bitch Owner will supply a copy of a three generation pedigree
2. Provide proof of Hip and Elbow certification by OFA or Penn Hip
3. Bitch must have a current Eye CERF
a. An exam taken within the last twelve (12) months
4. Progesterone testing to pinpoint optimal breeding time Negative Brucellosis test
a. Female must have a negative Brucellosis test done no later than 10 days
before breeding. No exceptions!
b. We will need a photocopy of all lab reports for our records
c. Bitch owner should provide written documentation of the status of EIC and
CNM if available
5. Pay all transportation costs for the bitch as/if needed.
6. Pay all expenses if using fresh chilled or frozen semen, including, but not limited to
collection kits, semen collection, shipping charges, ect.
7. Owner of stud is not obligated to sign a litter registration form until all expenses are
paid in full.
8. Bitches must be in good physical health
9. Bitch must have a stable temperament.
10. The bitch owner certifies that the bitch has not been bred to any other male dog during
this heat cycle, and that the utmost care will be taken to insure that she is not bred to
any other male dog during this heat cycle, or to any other dog after this service has been
E. Responsibility of Stud Owner
1. Stud dog is guaranteed to be in the same good health as required of the bitch
2. To provide a photocopy of our Stud’s AKC Registration papers if requested
3. Provide 5 generation pedigree
4. Proof of clearances
a. OFA, Current Eye CERF, DNA, EIC & CNM
F. General Breeding Agreement
1. There is NO COST to board your female at our place, AS LONG as you bring her own
a. If you would like us to use our food, there will be a $5 per day charge.
b. We expect you to pick your dog up when the matings are completed. Dogs left
in our care for more than 3 days will be charged board at the rate of $20 per
2. Absolutely no litter applications will be signed without payment in full
a. The Bitch Owner agrees that Stud Owner is not obligated to sign the AKC litter
registration forms until properly paid by Bitch Owner.
b. All other costs must be paid in full when the female is picked up
i. Food, Grooming, any testing fees, ect.


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