Letter Of Recommendation Form For Doctorate Of Education


Drake University School of Education - Doctoral Graduate Admissions
Letter of Recommendation Form
for Doctorate of Education (EdD) Program
Please include this form with all Letters of Recommendation
Name of Applicant:
Intended Degree:
The following is addressed towards the applicant: FERPA, as amended, commonly known as the Buckley
Amendment, allows applicants to inspect and review all materials in their files, except for letters of
recommendation written prior to January 1, 1975. Upon its completion and submission, the University faculty
will utilize this document to evaluate your qualifications to be admitted into the graduate program you have
designated. Before providing this form to the individual making a recommendation, please acknowledge one of
the following confidentiality statements.
I waive the right to review this document
I do not waive the right to review this document
Signature of Applicant: ________________________ Date: ____________
The following is addressed towards the individual making a recommendation: The above named
individual requests your recommendation for admittance to the Drake University School of Education. The
School of Education appreciates your cooperation in providing the following information regarding the
applicant’s qualifications. Upon completion, return this form and all attachments to:
Coordinator of Graduate Admission
Drake University School of Education
3206 University Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50311
or via email
Attached: Recommendation Form /Additional Comments


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