Independent Education Common Recommendation Form For Students Applying To Independent Schools


Independent Education Common Recommendation Form for Students Applying to Independent Schools,
entering Pre-School through Grade 1
Please submit the completed form to the school to which the student is applying.
Name of Student: ________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ______________________
Current School: __________________________________________________________
Current grade level: _________________
School to Receive Recommendation: ___________________________________________ Applying for grade: __________________
Name of respondent: ________________________________________________________________________________________
My relationship has been that of:
I have known this student for:
For parents: I hereby waive my right to access this recommendation and authorize the above-named person to provide an evaluation and all
relevant information to the school for purposes of my or my child’s application to attend the school.
Parent signature: ___________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________
For persons submitting recommendation: The School would appreciate your candid assessment of the applicant’s abilities. If the applicant
or applicant’s parent has signed the waiver above, your recommendation will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.
Purpose: The items below ask for your sense of this student’s social, physical, and pre-academic skill development. Please use the check boxes
to show gradations within each category. This form provides one way of getting to know the child and is reviewed with the full awareness that
young children are constantly changing and developing. Thank you for your thoughtful attention to this request.
Not at
for age
for age
Can be a friend
Is supportive of peers
Plays alone happily
Cooperates at play
Shares well
Initiates play activities
Has the capacity to lead
Has the capacity to follow
Is imaginative
Uses material purposefully
Is comfortable with adults
Demonstrates self-control in class
Demonstrates self-control on playground
Responds positively to re-direction
Exhibits sense of humor
Seeks help when needed
Respects property of others
Exhibits courtesy and respect
Speech and language development
What frustrates this child?__________________________________________________________________________________


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