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Sample Cover Letter
Position Description
As an Associate Financial Analyst, you will experience an
exciting career offering a wide range of opportunities for
123 Notre Dame Ave
professional development, including the two-year Lilly
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Initial Financial Experience (“LIFE”) training program . By
strengthening your skills through a variety of financial
assignments, you will deepen your financial expertise,
February 12, XXXX
learn and contribute to the business, and impact patients
through your work in finance .
Mr. Joe Irish
Lilly Corporate Center
Indianapolis, IN 46285
state why you are interested in
the company and position
Dear Mr. Irish:
As a senior Accounting and Economics double major at the University of Notre Dame, I am
seeking a full-time position that will utilize my strong communication and analytical skills. From
the research I have conducted on Go IRISH and through contact with Ms. Eileen Froehlke, I am
interested in pursuing Lilly’s associate tax analyst opportunity. What has especially drawn my
attention to Lilly is its drive and dedication towards research and development and meeting
needs that have been previously unmet in the medical field. As well, Lilly’s expectations of high
integrity and respect for all the people the corporation serves impressed me.
As a tax consultant intern for True Partners Consulting, I worked extensively in researching
Section 199 and other complex tax deductions for our clients. I created templates for future use
in evaluating the availability of specific deductions and also generated a methodology for the
analysis of fixed assets for tax purposes. As an international tax intern for Zimmer, Inc., I was able
to learn the foundations of the U.S. and foreign tax structures and experience first hand the
importance of tax solutions in a Fortune 500 company.
In my Principles of Marketing class, I led a team of eight through a semester-long project which
followed a product through the entire marketing process and resulted in a 200-page report and
20 minute presentation. I led discussions, critiqued my team members’ work, and motivated
them to produce the best work possible. Outside of my academic and work experiences, I
served as the Community Service Coordinator for the Black Cultural Arts Council and fostered
a relationship with the Robinson Community Learning Center establishing community service
activities for our club.
Accompanying this cover letter is my resume, which I also submitted through Go IRISH for your
review. I would like the opportunity to further discuss with you the associate tax analyst position
and my qualifications. I noted that Lilly will be conducting on-campus interviews and hope to
talk with you sometime before then. Thank you for your consideration.
relevant skills
gained through
specific internship
and academic
When applicable, state that you
Anthony Hermann
have applied on Go IRISH, and indicate interest in
obtaining an on-campus interview
Anthony Hermann
c a r e e r c e n t e r. n d . e d u
( 5 7 4 ) 6 3 1 - 5 2 0 0
n d c p s @ n d . e d u


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