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Sample Cover Letter—Email Format
Dear Ms. Domer:
I recently learned of Under Armour’s full-time positions through Mr. Lee Svete, Director of Notre Dame’s
Career Center, and I am very interested in this opportunity. My previous corporate internship experience,
extra-curricular activities, competitive drive, and passion for athletics make me a strong candidate for this
While working as a business analyst intern for Target Inc. in Men’s softlines this previous summer, I
developed several important skills required by this competitive corporate setting: fast-paced learning,
dedication, creativity, and the ability to work as part of a team. Through partnering and individual critical
graphs to
thinking skills, my intern team presented an actionable inventory strategy to the division upon completion
of the internship.
your referral,
skills and
make a strong
As an intern in Liz Claiborne’s International Marketing Division during the summer of 20XX, I worked
statement about
with several cross-functional teams. These interactions were the most rewarding experiences of this
why the person
internship, giving me the opportunity to effectively communicate with, and learn from, a diverse group of
should continue
reading your
Serving as the Director of Marketing for the Student International Business Council has given me the
opportunity to explore my interests while applying classroom skills to real world business modules. In this
challenging leadership position, I successfully led marketing projects with major companies, developing
strategies and providing market research for future implementation. Through these experiences, my
interpersonal skills, specifically my presentation and communication abilities, have been strengthened.
With focus, time management, and determination, I have also maintained an accomplished academic
record at Notre Dame.
Becoming a part of Under Armour and representing the brand preferred by today’s athletes is an exciting
opportunity. I look forward to discussing Under Armour’s full-time positions with you at a later date. Thank
you for your time and consideration.
It is acceptable
Mary O’Connor
to leave closing open-ended,
(555) 555-5555
but generally better to retain control by asking for a
specific appointment
c a r e e r c e n t e r. n d . e d u
( 5 7 4 ) 6 3 1 - 5 2 0 0
n d c p s @ n d . e d u


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