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Four Personal Branding
Tactics that Scream “Hire me!”
By Catherine Kaputa
In a hyper-competitive job market, employers are having trouble finding potential
employees among a sea of qualified candidates. You can convince them that you're
ideal by developing and communicating a compelling and unique personal brand.
Zeroing in on your unique personal brand and communicating it consistently
and effectively in your job search is a surefire strategy for attracting employers'
attention and landing a new job. Here are four personal branding tactics that will
make you irresistible to hiring managers.
1. Brand yourself in a sentence.
Effective brands are defined succinctly and competitively in a single sentence. The
sentence should declare what's different about you and why it matters. It should
be short enough to write on the back of a business card and definitive enough to
define the brand's purpose. For example, Google defines its brand this way: "Google
organizes the world's information and makes it universally accessible and useful."
When you are composing your brand sentence, think of how you can label or
position yourself differently. For example, rather than calling myself a career coach
like others do, I call myself a "personal brand strategist" and go on to say, "I use
the principles and strategies from the commercial world of brands for the most
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