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Social Work Majors
Community Outreach Specialist
Steps for Using this Guide
The Community Outreach Specialist is responsible for
1. Choose Your Position and Begin Tailoring
working in targeted communities to increase enrollment in
Review these three job postings and select the one
HP plans. Speci ically, this position is responsible for
of most interest to you. Begin adjusting your
developing sites and securing organizations for community
resume and cover letter drafts by evaluating the
‐based sales and marketing activities that provide
membership growth opportunity. In addition, this position
organization’s needs and wants from their
will interfaces with other members of the business
job posting. Successful job seekers tailor their
development department to increase marketing synergy
documents to highlight the quali ications and
and drive overall membership growth. Position
responsibilities include investigate, identify, initiate and
experiences sought by the organization.
respond to opportunities to create or participate in
marketing activities that lead to membership growth in
2. Draft Your Resume and Cover Letter
Medicare &CHIP lines of business. Assist with planning,
Review the cover letter and resume samples to
implementing and coordinating events for all assigned
begin drafting yours.
products. Track and measure various sales event
effectiveness. Assist with designing and measuring overall
Get Feedback
sales event strategy. Provide input, support and feedback
Have your documents reviewed by a CDC staff
on promotional opportunities, bene its, and other issues.
Prepare preliminary budget recommendations for each
member, receiving feedback in‐person, during
approved event. Candidates must possess a strong work
Quick‐Question/Walk‐In Hours Mon‐Fri 2‐4pm.
ethic, attention to detail, as well as effective
communication skills.
Social Worker
Youth Development Specialist
The Social Worker provides social work services to
The Youth Development Specialist is responsible for
outpatients in a multi‐disciplinary pediatric Weight
providing intensive supervision and direction to emotionally
Management clinic and possibly other clinics such as
and behaviorally challenged children and adolescents in a
primary care or medical specialty clinics, support
compassionate and respectful manner. This includes
community activities, and acts as an intra‐hospital liaison.
requiring an unwavering commitment to the safety of kids
Responsibilities include providing telephonic screening
and being aware of all ongoing developments and concerns,
support as part of new patient intake process and including
on a daily basis, of all children in their care. This
a brief psycho‐social screening. Completing outpatient
responsibility also includes demonstrating the ability to
visits with families for motivation issues and barriers to
distinguish between discipline and punishment as well as
care, and providing appropriate closed‐loop follow up with
seeing past a child’s surface behavior to recognize the
families and provider team. Implement retention and goal
children in need of help. Additionally, there is an innate
support through telephonic calls. Conduct home visits for
desire to build trusting and supportive relationships with all
identi ied families. Facilitate behavioral health community
of our children and recognize this as a prerequisite for
resource care coordination needs for clinic. Provide
implementing individualized treatment and unit
education for the multi‐disciplinary staff, students of
various disciplines, parent groups, professional
Candidates must be able to effectively communicate with a
organizations, schools, community partners, and during
diverse population of children and parents. Must be able to
community outreach opportunities. Act as champion for
work in stressful and straining situations effectively and
food access issues and lead partnership with Community
have strong problem solving skills.
Supported Agriculture program.
113 Stra on Administra on Center • • 610‐683‐4067
• Offie Hours: M‐F 8‐4:30 (Quick Ques on/Walk‐In Hours: 2‐4)


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