Personal Statement: Master Of Business Administration (Mba)


Personal statement: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
I am currently a marketing manager for [XX], a large cancer charity. I have held this position
for three years. I am interested in studying an MBA to learn from industry leaders, and
explore and share innovative ways of doing business through team projects. I am also keen
to develop my management style and add consultancy and strategic thinking to my skills
portfolio, in preparation for a business venture that I have in mind. This is to provide
marketing consultancy to not-for-profit organisations.
During my business and marketing degree at [XX University], I took part in an enterprise
challenge: to provide a social media marketing campaign for a local company. One of the
judges was from [XX] and offered me a marketing assistant position, which I took up and
worked in part-time for the duration of my degree. I was promoted within a year to
marketing executive and completed my degree on a part-time basis to allow me to
undertake this role.
My current role has involved devising a social media marketing strategy from scratch and, as
a result, I contributed to a 10% increase in charitable donations over a two year period. This
has required proactivity, negotiation skills and a great deal of diplomacy to persuade
departments within the company to embrace a radical change in how the charity brands
itself to an increasingly digital target audience. I lead a team of marketing executives and
this has expanded as the company has boosted its online presence on tablets and
smartphones. As I also see new marketing materials from inception to launch, I have to
liaise with many departments in the company including technical specialists.
My strengths include innovation, excellent communication skills and an inclusive approach
to team building. I devised an innovative way for members of the public to purchase e-
greetings cards which incorporate a donation to the charity with information on how that
money would be used locally. I also built up links with large companies who wished to be
associated with [XX] as part of their corporate social responsibility policy.
I have recently studied for the Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CIM) Professional Diploma
in Marketing on a part-time basis while working. I have good time-management skills and a
capacity for a heavy workload, and feel fully ready to take on study at an advanced level.
I am interested in the MBA principally because of the emphasis on collaborative and live
business challenges. I feel that I could bring an enterprising and motivational approach to
teamwork exercises from my previous management experiences. I am also attracted to the
900 hours of client-facing work through industry-based projects: I am particularly interested
in the not-for-profit project option. In preparation for my intended business venture, I
would wish to undertake a dissertation on the gap between public perceptions of not-for-


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