Personal Statement: Master Of Business Administration (Mba) Page 2


profit organisations and the image that they strive to project. The not-for-profit project
would provide the perfect platform to allow me to do this.
Part of my reason for applying to an MBA is to further develop my management style so I
am keen on your modules to assess current skills and build additional ones, particularly
practical consultancy skills and strategic thinking. [XX], the company that I currently work
for, has an international presence so I welcome the opportunity for global study tours and
global electives. I feel an MBA would enhance my enterprise, consultancy and strategic
thinking skills and further my knowledge of the sector that I am keen to provide consultancy
After attending your open day, and talking to tutors and current students, I feel that I have
sufficient knowledge to be certain that I have selected the most appropriate course. I look
forward to further demonstrating what I could bring to this course at interview.


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