Payroll Sheet


Daily Log Completion Exercise
Daily log completion instructions:
1. Using the sample daily log provided and the weekly Payroll Record information shown
on the next page, fill in the appropriate portion of the Motor Vehicle Operator's Daily
Log sheet. Enter the date, carrier’s name, address of the principal place of business for
the carrier and the driver’s home terminal, the starting odometer reading, the vehicle
number or licence plate and driver’s name.
2. In the graph portion of the daily log sheet, start recording your time at midnight. Draw a
straight line across the rows through the hour markers detailing what you were doing. For
example, if you were "Off Duty" from midnight to 6:30 hours, draw a line from the box
next to the words "Off Duty" to the line that depicts the 6:30 hour time increment on the
sheet in the "Off Duty" row of the graph.
3. When you make a change from one duty status (off duty, sleeper berth, driving, on duty)
to another, draw a line straight down from the time you made the change to the new duty
status activity. For example, if you go “On Duty” at the company yard, draw a line down
along the 6:30 hour mark from where you ended your "Off Duty" to the 6:30 hour mark
in the "On Duty" row. You must indicate the municipality and province at each change in
duty status in the Remarks section of the log. Only the name of the Province/State can be
4. Continue your line by marking through the quarter, half and hour increment lines until
you reach the time when you begin to drive for the day. At that point, draw your line up
to the “Driving” row. For example if you start to drive at 7:45 hours, mark the time by
drawing a line straight along the 7:45 hour mark to the “Driving” row.
5. Assume that you were operating within a 160 kilometer radius of your home terminal and
this is the day in which you leave that radius. Use the information in the Weekly Payroll
Record on the next page to record your on duty hours for each of the previous 7 days on
the daily log.
6. Record the time spent driving by drawing a straight line from the starting time in the
“Driving” row to the point where you finish driving and enter into another duty status
type. For example, if you start to drive at 7:45 hours and drive for 6 hours, mark the time
by drawing a line through the “Driving” row until you reach the 13:45 hour mark.
Record the municipality and province.
7. Continue to record the changes in the graph as you work throughout your day. In this
case you will conclude your day by going off duty now. Draw a line from the “Driving”
row along the 13:45 hour time marker until you reach the “Off duty” row of the graph.
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