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A timesheet template is a document recording the amount of time spent doing any sort of job or task and is a handy tool in performance management. Timesheets are usually sheets of paper listing the data in tabular format, or a digital spreadsheet or chart. Most common uses of timesheet templates include performance monitoring and time tracking - with the information gathered later being used for billing and payroll. Timesheets are most commonly used to record tasks and time spent doing them but may also be detailed, listing additional information like evaluating an employee’s performance.

Advantages of Using a Timesheet

There are several business-related advantages to using timesheets to track employee work hours. Timing, recording and otherwise tracking performance can help improve training plans, predict project timelines and evaluate labour times to increase productivity. Implementing time trackers may also help simplify payment and billing procedures providing concise information for the hours spent on a task. Once you’ve figured out the desired format, download a ready-made timesheet template in Excel or PDF below.

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