Annual Performance Evaluation Employee Self Evaluation Form


Annual Performance Evaluation
Employee Self Evaluation Form
Employee Name
Job Title
Period covered by this appraisal
Type of Review
Review Date
6 Month
Employee Section: Self-Assessment
Describe and assess your performance and accomplishments during the past evaluation period. List and discuss the
results of work produced, services provided, new techniques or innovations developed or other special projects as related to
your current job description.
Meets all
JOB PERFORMANCE - Employee Self Evaluation
standards and may
Fails to meet
Meets standards
exceed in many
Communication (both written and oral) – Timely communication with styles
that are approachable and respectable. Listens carefully to others. Proactive
and thorough in determining who needs information and works to keep them
Creativity/Innovation - explores and suggests new approaches and
methods to affect departmental goals and responsibilities.
Customer Focus – Engage in all job-related interactions and activities with
contact from within and outside the University in a courteous and professional
manner. Focuses on meeting customer needs and follows up until questions
are answered or problems are resolved.
Dependability/Reliability - consistently carries out assignments with minimal
supervision. Consistently adheres to set work schedule.
Flexibility/Adaptability - adjusts performance to accommodate changes in
departmental direction and processes. Adapts to changing responsibilities
Initiative - shows leadership and resourcefulness, performs tasks
independently and assumes responsibility for completing tasks. Seeks out
assignments and takes effective action without explicit direction from
Interpersonal Relations - Shows respect for individual differences.
Demonstrates behaviors that embrace diversity. Is approachable and
accessible; promotes cooperation. Deals maturely, discreetly and directly
with conflict.
Job Knowledge - demonstrates expertise in the functional aspects of the
job. Continues to learn new skills and seeks new knowledge to improve
Productivity (quality and quantity of work performed) - reflects the accuracy,
volume, and timeliness of work performed. Self-management and self-
assessment reflects ability to determine priorities, maximize efficiency, and
work toward improvement.
Technology Skills - proficient use of work-related equipment, tools, and
technology. Demonstrates technical and business expertise to provide
information and resolve problems.
Teamwork - works collaboratively with fellow employees and others to
achieve identified goals and objectives. Gains the respect and confidence of
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