Letter Of Introduction Template


Your Organization
Your Address
Name of Addressee
Name of Organization
Reference: Give a brief reason for the purpose of writing this letter. This can vary
depending on your needs. While some may be introducing a new product to their
customers, several others may be informing about their business to their potential
Dear Mr./Ms.:
In the introductory paragraph, you ought to mention about your company (if you
are introducing it to customers and clients). Include information, like who owns
the organization and what has been phenomenal about this firm. In case, you are
introducing your business to new clients to attract funds for business expansion,
you must begin with an emphatic introduction stating the firm's year of formation
and establishment.
In case, you have given some documents along with this letter, state in brief about
them in this paragraph.
In the third paragraph, you can summarize your products USP or your firms' USP.
You can further thanks the addressee for considering his time and efforts to read
your letter.
Lastly, give a detailed address, and contact number, so that you can be contacted
in case the client, investor, or customer wants to do business with your firm.
Yours sincerely,
(Your name)


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