Sample Donation Solicitation Letter


Sample Donation Solicitation Letter
<Insert date>
Dear <Insert name>,
Everyone knows someone who has been affected by heart disease or stroke. <Insert your personal story of
how heart disease and stroke has impacted you or your friends and family.>
On <Insert date your local Heart Walk>, I’ll be helping the American Heart Association fight the Nation’s No.1
and No.3 causes of death — heart disease and stroke — at the Heart Walk. Funds raised through the Heart
Walk support research, community service and public and professional education programs.
My personal goal is to raise <Insert your dollar goal>. Your support will help. Your donation of $500, $250,
$100, $50 will help me take a stand against the #1 killer of Americans, including women. Not only will you help
me achieve my goal, you’ll also help the American Heart Association make important advances against heart
disease and stroke.
Just complete the information below and return the form to me with your donation. The Heart Walk is quickly
approaching, so please send it as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support of the Heart Walk. Together we will make a difference!
From the heart,
<Insert your name>
Yes! I’m happy to support your efforts in the Heart Walk!
You can count on us for: _____$500 _____$250 ______$100 ______$50 _____Other $
Please make check payable to American Heart Association and return this form, along with your check to:
<Insert your name>
<Insert your address>


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