Marketing Plan Outline Template


Marketing Plan Outline
Key Questions to Answer
ission Vision, Goals
What is the business’ mission & vision?
(a successful business has a
direction that all staff aligns with, and a clear picture of the future)
What are your goals, objectives, strategies and tactics?
(what you want to
do, why you are doing it and how will you accomlish this)
How will you measure and track your results?
(Each goal should be
measured and the results recorded inorder to track what is working and what is
Target Market
4. Who is your target Market?
(focus on who is your customer and know their
needs and wants.
Logo, Slogan, Colors, Positioning Statement
5. Do you have a logo?
(a logo should be a unique , simple mark that represents
and brands your business?)
6. What is your slogan or tag line? (
An original, creative statement that tells your
customer what your business is about)
7. What are your businesses colors?
(Colors represent feelings and emotions
and brands your identity)
8. What is your positiong statement?
(A positioning statement sells your product
or service, it sets you apart from your competitor. You must target your customer,
say what you will do for that customer, how will you do it and why you do it better
than your competitors.)
Marketing Needs, Demographics, Trends
9. Is there a market demand for your Product or service?
(you need to have a
market or you don’t have a business)
10 .Have you distributed a customers needs assessment/survey relating to
your product or service?
(you will find out what your customers needs and wants
are-The results guide your marketing goals)
11. Who are your potential customers? What is their demographics?
income, interests, culture, habits, etc..)
12. Does your product or service keep up with the current trend?(
It is
important to stay on the cutting edge of technology & know what is important in the
minds of your customer)


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