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It is very much important that you have a great customer service in order to make your customers feel
satisfied. Whenever and wherever you get an opportunity, see to it you deeply apologize to your
customers. Customer service should be prompt enough and customers should be provided with
instant replies.
No matter whatever your business is, you must care for the satisfaction of your customers. Send out
apology letters to your customer whenever you have done something wrong towards them. Explain
the problem, let them know what solution you have thought of and also deeply apologize to them.
Promise them that such problems won’t occur again in near future.
Apology letter to customer sample Tips
Here are some tips on how you can deal with your customers and apologize:
It is very much important to apologize to your customers so that you can maintain a good
reputation of your company.
Initially in the letter, explain the problem occurred in detail.
Gradually, let the customer know what all solution options you have and ask them to
suggest or choose from those options.
Give them a particular date to revert back till that date.
Put yourself in the shoes of customers and understand all the inconvenience that they
Take a positive approach and explain what you can do, deleting things what you can do.
Don’t blame anyone from the company, just plainly apologize.
Get the complaint resolve, make a note of what customer wants.
Make the customer feel that you care, address them with their names to give a personal
Apology letter to customer sample


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