Letter Of Intent To Lease Template Page 2


Disclaimer: The terms as outlined herein are not all-inclusive, but comprise a summary of the general business terms
for which a Lease Agreement could be drafted. Other terms, which are not included, are to be negotiated. The parties
mutually agree that neither shall have any binding contractual obligations to the other with respect to the matters
referenced herein, unless and until a formal written Lease Agreement has been prepared with adequate opportunity to
be reviewed by legal counsel or either party’s authorized representative, and has been fully executed and delivered by
the parties.
Submitted this ____ day of _______________ 200_ by:_______________________________ (Tenant)
If this letter is acceptable, please so indicate by signing and returning the enclosed copy.
Accepted this _____ day of ______________________ 200_ by:_______________________ (Owner/Lessor)
This letter of intent was drafted by ___________________ of Opitz Realty, Inc.
Rough Draft Form for Letter of Intent


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