Aau Event Planning Checklist


Your event format, location, audience makeup and size, number of speakers, and other factors will
affect your time line and the number of committees and partners that you will need.
Appoint an event manager and a planning team.
Put together a team of interested AAUW members and coalition partners to help decide
details and share the workload. The event manager will be the key motivator and
strategist for the event. Depending upon the complexity of the event, consider
appointing committees for programming, coalition outreach, community and media
promotion, registration, and refreshments.
Recruit coalition partners.
Invite diverse groups in your community to co-sponsor the event. Be sure to include
organizations that share similar concerns including the following, depending upon the
topic of your event: women’s organizations, local university or college women’s studies
classes, teachers’ organizations or unions, political organizations, or student
Decide on a format and agenda.
Determine whether your event will be a briefing, panel discussion, workshop, debate, or
some other format. Be sure that your format will achieve your goals and accommodate
the number of people that you would like to attend.
Decide on an audience.
Determine who and estimate how many people will attend the event. For budgetary
and staffing reasons, you may wish to limit the enrollment. Everything about the event,
including the issues, co-sponsoring organizations, speakers, location, date, and time,
should be designed with the audience in mind. The expected number of attendees also
determines the budget, staffing, location, handouts, equipment, supplies, and the like.
Develop a budget.
While events can be held for little expense, you may incur costs for the location,
speakers’ fees, printed handouts, refreshments, advertising, and postage for visibility
and follow-up letters. In-kind contributions and donations from co-sponsors and other
organizations are good ways to stretch your resources. Decide if you will need to charge
a fee for this event. If you do, consider how much your target audience can afford and
charge accordingly.


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