Event/activity Planning Checklist Template Page 2


Tools You Can Use
Direct Outreach
Allied Outreach
Media Outreach
Leadership Development
Before the event
 Have members personally invited
 Can we build on someone else’s
 Have you identified who would be the
 Who else can you engage in
“right” fit (e.g., the reporter who is on
friends/colleagues to attend?
efforts (e.g., a standing event)?
planning this event?
 Have membership ambassadors
 Who would be a good partner to
 Is there someone who can “shadow”
this beat) to cover the event?
 Have you identified the right approach
been identified and trained?
cosponsor with us?
the organizers?
 Do you have a kit of membership
 Who can advertise our event
to engage the reporter (e.g., deskside
Are there some small tasks to
materials prepared (e.g., a totebag
through their networks?
chat, phone call, fax)?
engage some potential future
 Who else would be interested?
 What alternative media options are
with brochures, sign-in sheets, etc
that can go each event)?
Who do we know that can
Have you utilized the League’s
 Did we get the event listed in the
make this happen?
“community calendar” section?
vehicles to promote the event (e.g.,
website, email list, Voter)?
Are there non-print media
At the event
 Did you talk to any press present?
 Can you highlight the personal value
Is the sign-in sheet out?
Is LWV visible (if we are
Is there some “take away” item
in being a League leader – e.g.,
cosponsoring on another
(Help develop relationships by
group’s event)?
(e.g., flier about next event, copies
welcoming them too)
showcase opportunities, fun, etc?
 Was LWV a true part of the focus of
 How can you acknowledge and
of the Voter)?
Have we made a membership
the event so that it “has to” get
Is the moderator prepared with an
pitch (from podium or through
value League volunteers/leaders
materials) that speaks to what
covered by press?
 Do you have stories/quotes ready?
 Is there someone who can “shadow”
Are the membership ambassadors
the audience cares about?
Did we offer ways for them to
Did you take photos of the event?
those in charge of the event?
Is there League “signage”?
 Did you note what League members
be in relationship with LWV
Are League members wearing
(e.g., membership, next
were present (and interested in the
Are there membership materials
Who else can you invite to this event
and/or “give and take” cards?
– i.e. what potential leader?
After the event
 How do we follow up with the
 Did you send out a follow up press
 Did you thank League leaders?
Have you followed up with the
 Did you ask the organizers what else
names on the sign-in sheet?
allied organization to
release or letter to the editor?
 Did you send thank you note to media
they needed – e.g, training,
Have you thanked volunteers?
strengthen our relationship with
Are the membership materials
that attended? (Again building good
resources, volunteers?
 Did we ask key members of the
 Did you send on the list of attendees
restocked for next event?
Did you evaluate how it went – i.e.,
org to join?
Did you invite media to next event?
to the Nominating Committee?
 Can we advertise our next
 Did you observe an area for training,
did we meet the goals above?
event through them?
mentoring or other areas of
Did we evaluate how it went?
organizational growth?
 Are there notes/records in place for
the next leader about this event?
Did you follow up with anyone that
you invited?


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