Behavior Contract


Mrs. Poertner
Directions : Read this contract and fill in the blank with your own name.
After reading the entire contract please sign and date below. Thank You!
I _________________________________ understand that school is a place for learning.
Every student in America is offered 12 years of free education. No other country in the
world offers this to their students. I understand that I choose how to use this time. I can
get an education and learn more about myself and the world around me, or I can waste
this time.
I understand that the teacher is responsible for many things. She needs to plan the lesson
and then do everything possible to help students understand the material. The teacher has
a big job because it is not easy to help a class full of students. When I behave
disruptively, I am making it hard for the teacher to do her job. This isn't fair and I don't
have the right to do this.
I understand that the other students in my class have a right to the best education
possible. When I behave disruptively, I not only keep the teacher from doing her job, I
am also keeping students from getting the best education possible. This is not fair and I
don't have a right to do this.
If I break the rules of conduct I am aware that I will be expected to accept the
consequences. I will be asked to complete an assignment that will help me to reflect and
correct my behavior. I am also aware that this assignment will be sent home for signature
and will be kept in my classroom file to be made available during parent-teacher
conferences and may prevent me from acquiring any classroom or extra-curricular
Questions, Comments, Concerns:
Teacher Signature:___________________________Parent Signature:______________________


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