Sample Cover Letter - Structure


Sample Cover Letter - Structure
Your contact information
The heading of the letter should include your full postal and email address, and phone
Employer or Agency contact information
Name and job title of recipient (if known)
Company name and full address
Date your letter
Dear Mr / Ms
(ideally address your letter to a named person)
Dear Sir or Madam
(only if you cannot find out the recipient´s name)
If applying for an advertised position, insert job title and reference
First paragraph
The first paragraph of your cover letter should express your interest in the position, and
indicate why the role is particularly attractive to you.
Second paragraph
Introduce your CV and briefly summarise your strengths - qualifications and/or experience in
or knowledge of the company´s market sector
Third paragraph
This paragraph should draw attention to the most relevant aspects of your career - making
strong connections between your skills that dovetail with their requirements. Ideally, include
two to three bullet pointed examples of your initiatives as they relate to the key requirements
in the job description.
Fourth paragraph
This could briefly refer to experience and achievements in your earlier career, but only if
relevant to the job description
Final paragraph
Express confidence in your ability to contribute to the success of the company, and indicate
that you look forward to taking your application a step further at interview
Complimentary close
Yours sincerely
if you know the recipient´s name
Yours faithfully
if you do not know the recipient´s name
Your signature
Typed signature
In het groen: (Dear …, Yours …): wat je in het echt ook moet schrijven.
In het blauw: wat je zelf moet bedenken, maar wel volgens deze richtlijnen.


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